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The Annual Conference, held in the third term, has three main aims:
• Opportunity for members to network and share experiences of the past year 
• The Trade Fair

The Annual Conference takes the form of a two day event which includes the AGM parts 1 and 2, the usual Trade Fair and a Semi Formal Lunch for delegates and suppliers attending the Trade Fair.

The last conference was held at QMU in June 2012 which was a huge success and well attended.  

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting, held on the day of the Annual Conference, is the highest decision-making body within Northern Services, and is concerned only with policy making. Motions put before the AGM include constitutional amendments; approving the budget; recommendations from the commercial meeting; proposals arising from the student sessions; and elections to the following year’s Executive Committee.

The AGM 2012 was held at DUSA in June 2012. At this meeting several constitutional amendments and policies were passed and the new Executive elected.

The 2012 - 2013 Exec is as follows:

President:  Colum Fraser (Queen Margaret Union)

Treasurer:  Anthony McConachie (Queen Margaret Union)

Executive Director:  Dave Whitton (University of St Andrews Students' Association)


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